CYOA Choose Your Own Adventure Books 80s

As a fan of Choose-Your-Own-Adventure books (I stocked up on them as a kid in the 80s), I was excited and then disappointed by this. Choices lead to small differences.

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  • The Demigods of Olympus: An Interactive Adventure Kindle. As a fan of Choose-Your-Own-Adventure books (I stocked up on them as a kid in the 80s), I was excited and then disappointed by this. Choices lead to small differences.
  • Self-Insert Fic - TV Tropes Animorphs has a lot of fanfics with this premise. Said premise spawned two Choose Your Own Adventure-esque spin-offs. When challenged to write a shameless.
  • Detailed analysis of CYOA-books - samizdat.co One book, many readings. As a child of the 80s, the Choose Your Own Adventure books were a fixture of my rainy afternoons. My elementary school library kept a low.
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