Lot of SQUADRON SIGNAL IN ACTION P Spitfire Halifax Bf109 P P in

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  • WWII Pilots of No 610 (County of Chester) Squadron 82708 P/O Aldous, Eric Stanley was born in 1918 and educated at Dulwich College. He joined No 610 Squadron on the 27/7/40 at Biggin Hill posted from 9 FTS.
  • Royal Air Force (Volunteer Reserve) Officers 1939-1945 -- B Pathfinder Badge (07.05.1944). * As a rear gunner, Flight Sergeant Baker has demonstrated outstanding competence and coolness in action. He has the confidence of his.
  • Air of Authority - A History of RAF Organisation - rafweb.org No 541 Squadron. I served with 541 Squadron flying PR 10 Meteors from April 1954 until October 1956. is there anyone who served on this Squadron at any of the.
  • personnel_t_to_z - No. 112 Squadron RAF Plt Off P. R. M. Van der Heijden, 40190, RAF, 16/5/39 to 28/7/40, injured and posted out. Photo supplied by Patricia Molloy daughter of J. F. Fraser
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