Regulations adopted under the Act respecting labour standards

Workplace Health and Safety Regulations . made under Section 82 of the. Occupational Health and Safety Act. S.N.S. 1996, c. 7. O.I.C. 2013-65 (March 12, 2013.

Workplace Health and Safety Regulations - Occupational.

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  • Delhi Fire Service Act 2007 Complete Act - Citation 134726. (c) 'building bye-laws' means the bye-laws made under Section 186 of the Cantonments Act, 1924 (2 of 1924) or the bye-laws made under Section 349A Of the Delhi.
  • NLR 5/12 - Occupational Health and Safety Regulations. NEWFOUNDLAND AND LABRADOR REGULATION 5/12. Occupational Health and Safety Regulations, 2012 under the Occupational Health and Safety Act (O.C. 2012-005)
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