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ORASANT 7-Pack Book Covers for Hardcover Textbooks,Stretchable up to 9'x13',Washable and Recyclable Book Covers with 18 Unique Filming Labels for Jumbo Books and.

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  • Amazon.com: book covers for school textbooks Book Sox NEW 6 Solids 2018 Stretchable Book Covers –Durable Hardcover Protectors For 9”x11” Jumbo Textbooks –Washable & Reusable Non-Adhesive Nylon Fabric.
  • Kittrich Tinted Jumbo Silicone Stretchable Book Cover These premium tinted jumbo stretchable silicone book covers will protect your most valuable books. They're waterproof, stretchable with a cool write-on surface. Sorry.
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