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  • List of Pokémon anime characters - Wikipedia Pokémon, known in Japan as Pocket Monsters (ポケットモンスター, Poketto Monsutā), is a Japanese anime television series based on the Pokémon video game.
  • The most impressive professors at MIT - Business Insider Professors of statistics, literature, and engineering are some of the most impressive at the No. 1 college in America.
  • The 10 Most Controversial College Professors in the U.S. All professors on this list have unglued journalists, officials, and others in and out of the academy. They are America's most controversial professors.
  • EPC - Engineering Professors' Council EPC Engineering Enrolments survey - please provide information on new engineering enrolments at your university to help us all get a first glance at the evolving picture
  • The Professors Online Lolly Shop The Professors Online Lolly Shop has a wide range of confectionery at wholesale prices available via our online lolly shop
  • Teaching Management: A Field Guide for Professors. Teaching Management: A Field Guide for Professors, Consultants, and Corporate Trainers [James G. S. Clawson, Mark E. Haskins] on Amazon.com. *FREE* shipping on.
  • Peter Hennessy - Wikipedia Sources 'Corrected Oral Transcript of Oral Evidence presented to the House of Commons Public Administration Select Committee on the publication of political memoirs.
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