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  • Events Calendar - Upper St. Clair Official Site. Voted one of the Top Ten Best Places to Live! The Township of Upper St. Clair is located 10 miles southwest of Pittsburgh, PA. Primarily residential.
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  • ELEMENTARY | Abbotsford Christian School Students learn best by being actively engaged with the content. Upper primary students learn about Canada and nutrition at the same time, and not just by reading.
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  • Library - e-Info - Upper St. Clair e-info – Your 24/7 Library: we're up when you are! Find a Book. The Catalog Always available for you to check on what we have, to place requests, and to renew items.
  • Eden Hall Upper Elementary / Overview Red Ribbon Spirit Dress Week - Oct. 23-31, 2018. Eden Hall Upper Elementary students and staff will be participating in a Spirit Dress week to unite in a stand.
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